NZAMD Exams Info

Our 2023 NZAMD Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop exams are on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 August at Tui Glen.
The getting ready & waiting zone will be next door at Neuroconnection.

DO NOT enter the Tui Glen dance hall at any time as exams will be running all day.


Please see here for the proposed timetables for both days and make sure to note your correct arrival time.
You cannot come into Neuroconnection before your arrival time as we will have limited space. It is important that you check your emails in the lead up to exams for the most up-to-date info. 


Weekend rehearsals are on Saturday 19th August + Sunday 20th August at Tui Glen. 

We are not using Neuroconnection on this day so dancers will need to get fully ready at home, wait outside until their required time and be dropped off/picked up at the external door by parents.

Helpful EXAM Tips:

  • Make sure your dancer has access to their class video playlist to practice their exam work at home. The more familiar they are with their work, the easier and more enjoyable their exam experience will be.
  • The examiner’s name is Mrs Borrell.
  • Order uniform and shoes before July 30th at the very latest.
  • Make sure you have hairspray, comb, hair nets and bun clips for your dancer’s hair. They are marked on their grooming (expected to be of high standard). Ask us before the exam day if you need help purchasing hair stuff or practicing – we are not able to help on the exam day unfortunately.
  • Don’t be late on the day! Ensure to read all instructions carefully.


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