Studio Move

Term 4 Newsletter


We are so excited for our LAST TERM of the year, the best one of all!
Thank you for being here, we hope your dancer has a fun-filled, memorable
last few weeks of dancing for 2023. 

FIRST THING – do you get our group emails?

We have a mailing list where we regularly send notices, dates, class info & more. Some appear to be bouncing back to us and some new students just may not be on it at all. If you aren’t (or are unsure), can you please email and ask to be added? Then you won’t miss out on all the important stuff! 

Term 4 Plans 

ALL classes are continuing to work on their show items. We only have a month (or less) to go now so it would be super cool if your dancer is at class every lesson. 

Prize Giving & Christmas Party

At the end of this term we invite all dancers, friends and whanau to come and celebrate our dancing year. All dancers who RSVP (keep an eye out for the online form in November via email) will be awarded a certificate. Some dancers will also receive special awards. This is always a lovely way to end our year!

When: Friday 8 December, arrive 4.30-4.45pm, starts approx 5.00pm

Where: Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre (large hall)

Cost: NO cost, just bring a plate of food to share if you can.

Show Costumes & Media

Now is a great time to double check two things for us. Have you received your dancers costume deposit invoice and does it have the correct show items on it? If not, they may not have a show costume organised. Please let us know if you didn’t get one!

Secondly, have you paid your show fee? All dancers/families who pay the show fee go on our media list to receive free copies of all of the show photos from Renee Richards Photography AND a copy of our show movie. If you think you have not been sent this invoice or you can’t find it, just let us know. Renee will be shooting our 10.30am show so if you have a Baby Mover who can only do one show, we suggest you do this one.

Book Individual / Family Photos 

In addition to on stage, group action photos, we have our friend and dance mum, Natesha Rielly Photography, taking bookings for pop in photos on show day. Simply book in (after we email you details) and pop in with your dancer after the morning show to get professional photos in costume. Dancers may pick up to 2 costume changes and 4 poses. Individual or sibling photos welcomed. These will be edited and emailed to you following the show (and would make great xmas gifts or keepsakes!!). Keep an eye on emails for more info. 

Show Rehearsal

All dancers are required to attend our show rehearsal afternoon on Saturday 25 November at Massey High School. On this day, all normal classes at Tui Glen will be running from 9.00am-12.30pm to ensure our dancers know their show routines well. Please take your dancer to their normal class on this day. Junior Jazz and Ballet are the only ones not running. See below for the details.

2.00-2.30pm Baby Move + Friday Parent & Me, Tiny Move, Friday Dance & Gym & Helpers rehearsal. Parents should take their dancer to the audience before 2pm, make sure the dancer is dressed and ready and stay with them + watch until they can go.

2.30-2.45pm Mini Move A, Mini Move B and helpers. Parents should take their dancer to the audience before 2.30pm, make sure the dancer is dressed and ready and stay with them + watch until they can go. Mini Movers can stay for finale.

2.45-3.00pm Acro 1 and Beginner Hip Hop. Parents should take their dancer to the audience before 2.45pm, make sure the dancer is dressed and ready and leave them seated in the audience. These classes will have a little practise on stage.  

3.00-3.30pm Finale practise. ALL dancers arrive before 2.45pm and put gear in the audience + take a seat. Don’t go backstage or wait in the foyer. Await instructions and enjoy the chaos. Parents, if your dancer is 5 or under please stay with them (unless they don’t want you to lol). All other parents/adults, please vacate the audience and hang out in the foyer area or go home. The 2.00-2.30pm classes should stay and practise this IF they can – they do not have to.

3.30-6.00pm FULL SHOW RUN. Any under 5’s who have already practised on stage are welcome to skip this and go home. If your little one is keen, however, please let them stay and dance again. At this time dancers will be asked to collect their belongings from the audience and head backstage to sit with parent helpers. We then do the show in order without stopping. Some classes will be in costume and some will not. 

Show Day

Our shows are on Saturday December 2, one at 10.30am and the other at 4.30pm. On this day there will be NO regular classes. The ,orning and afternoon shows are the exact same show, repeated twice, to ensure that all family members and friends get to watch it. Dancers need to come to both shows (unless they are one of our 2 year old Baby Movers – they can pick one). On show day your dancer will be asked to arrive with full hair and make up at least 25 minutes before the show begins. They must sign in with their parent helper backstage and be picked up again at the end of the show.

Are you able to help backstage for one show and possibly the dress rehearsal? We will soon be asking for volunteers via email and would really appreciate help!

More info on the logistics of show day will be emailed soon.


Friday Dec 1 – Term 4 ends (no dance classes after the show)

Saturday Dec 2 – Show Day

Wednesday Dec 6 – Comp Academy Auditions (for dancers 4+ years) 

Friday Dec 8 – Prize Giving & Party

Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 Dec – FREE Christmas Camp Classes